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For over 80 years, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been used as a motor fuel by tens of thousands of fleet users, agricultural machinery and materials handling equipment.  

LPG powers a vast number of school buses, taxis, police cruisers, forks lifts and farm tractors. It even powers many "Zamboni" vehicles that dress ice rinks.  

LPG is a hydrocarbon fuel.   It's made up of propane, butane and a small amount of propylene. LPG in its natural state is a vapor.  When this vapor is compressed it becomes a liquid.

LPG is non toxic, non corrosive, free of lead and heavier than air.  LPG is also both colorless and odorless.   A unique odor is added to the LPG at time of production.  This odor is to alert people in the unlikely event of a gas leak.  

Super heavy duty construction of the LPG tank prevents all but the most severe damage from causing a leak. LPG fuel, as it exists in your tank, has an auto-ignition temperature of approximately 900°F.  Diesel fuel has an auto-ignition temperature of approximately 494°F and normal gasoline has an auto-ignition temperature of about only 120°F!   

Diesel fuel will auto-ignite almost TWICE as easily as propane.  
Gasoline will auto-ignite approximately SEVEN times easier than propane!


Alternative Fuel System Products & Services


Welcome to Schroeder’s Automotive Specialists products and services page. We offer a unique selection of products for Alternative Fuel Conversions, Maintenance and repair.

All of our products have been thoroughly tested at our supplier facility and in the field and meet high safety and quality standards. You can rest assured if we sell the product it is the very best available.















The Diesel Magnum is a state of the art propane  injection  system that is far superior to any  other  system  on the market today. Specifically designed to address the concerns of heavy duty vehicle and equipment owners  and  at the same time address those of the owners of lighter vehicles. In addition, the Diesel Magnum is the easiest in the industry to install. We are constantly up-grading and improving the product.



Voltran Vogus


Each day 1000 Vehicles in 5 continents and 38 countries are converted to propane with Voltran kits. We are excited to be able to bring this superior technology to Northern Indiana  and Western Ohio. The Vogas system has already easily achieved Euro 4 -40% emissions values with its tight controls and tuning capability. The system has been certified at official test laboratories in the UK and Germany. The Vogas system has been tested, approved, and met the OEM requirements of Mitsubishi and Nissan.

The Vogas system with its split fuel technology is the only system that we would recommend for new vehicles with soft valves. Many manufactures have done away with alternative fuel ready engines which included special valves and seats designed to withstand valve recession caused by propane or natural gas systems. LPG and CNG is a dry fuel not capable of providing lubrication for valves. With "split fuel" the system can be programmed to run on both LPG and Gasoline at ratios from 1% LPG to 100% LPG. Controlled testing by an OEM verified that split fuel reduced valve wear to the same as that of a gasoline fueled engine. Incredibly smooth fuel change over is achieved with split fuel by phasing in LPG while reducing the percentage of gasoline. By programming with split fuel to add a small amount of gasoline under heavy load and high RPM the system overcomes high end power losses suffered by conventional sequential vapor injection systems. Split fuel also allows for the use of one regulator with high horse power engines. The Vogas system is the only system on the market today that will work with GDI (direct injection) engines by allowing the gasoline injectors to function while on LPG to keep them cool and lubricated.

Component packages are now available and EPA certified systems will be available soon to our customers.


The Diesel Magnum





Propane Injection decreases fuel costs while increasing performance, reducing pollution and increasing the life of your engine! Fire Em Up Inc. with help from Industry Partners, developed the Diesel MagnumTM to be a state of the art true propane injection system that aspires to be far superior then any other system on the market today. Specifically designed to address the concerns of heavy duty vehicle and equipment owners and at the same time address those of the owners of lighter vehicles. In addition, the Diesel Magnum is the easiest in the industry to install.


Every Diesel Magnum is tested at the factory before leaving and can be programmed to your specific engine and needs by your dealer. Every dealer for the Diesel Magnum has under gone extensive training and is certified by Fire Em Up Inc. to install and service the systems.

The Diesel Magnum has been tested on numerous vehicles for over three years and has NEVER caused damage to an engine or failed in the field. We are very confident in the product and can provide testimonials and references upon request. The Diesel Magnum will work on any turbo charged Diesel engine and will not void USA engine manufactures warranties.



System Benefit


Greatly Optimizes Engine Performance
Increased Fuel Mileage
Increased Horsepower and Torque
Increased Time Between Engine Servicing
Increased Engine Life
Decreased Engine Oil Dilution and Contamination
Decreased Harmful Particulate and NOX Emissions
Decreased Harmful Combustion Temperatures
Decreased Harmful Combustion Chamber Deposits


Fuel Economy


It does not matter if you own a family car, a fleet of trucks, a school bus or diesel powered heavy equipment. Any turbo Diesel powered engine will benefit from the Diesel Magnum Propane Injection system by saving you on fuel costs.

Today's high fuel prices eat into the bottom line of businesses with fleets of trucks, buses or heavy equipment. Propane is currently 30% to 50% less per gallon than Diesel fuel. By adding the Diesel Magnum Propane Injection system, businesses increase their profits, reduce fuel costs, reduce maintenance costs, decrease pollution and increase performance. Can your business afford to be without the Diesel Magnum?

Fuel Efficiency can be significantly increased with the Diesel Magnum propane injection system with the accelerated evening effect of combustion by the introduction of the proper amount of LPG (Propane) to the combustion chamber. Basically the Diesel Engine becomes much more efficient (burns more of the Diesel fuel charge for a longer period of time) and naturally if it is mechanical injection or electronic injection the system will reduce the Diesel Fuel trim (amount of fuel injected) to achieve the same given RPM resulting in less Diesel Fuel needed to perform the same functions.



Air Pollution


Air Pollution is a major concern for vehicles of all types. The Diesel Magnum drastically reduces harmful particulate and NOX emissions commonly emitted by diesel engines. Unlike most pollution reducing devices, the Diesel Magnum actually Increases fuel economy and performance!

How does the Diesel Magnum accomplish this? It is really quite simple. Emission reductions including PM (particulate matter or black smoke) and NOx (oxides of nitrogen) can be significantly reduced with the Diesel Magnum Propane injection system by accelerating the flame front or burn of the existing fuel. Two things happen.

1. NOx is reduced by enhancing the mixture at the tip of the flame front with the correct amount of Propane (LPG), which reduces the residence time of the Diesel Fuel Burn in a high temperature area.

PM is reduced by enhancing the burn rate of the existing Diesel Fuel through out the entire combustion chamber rather than just the intense hot area. The result is more of the existing Diesel Fuel charge is burned along the colder areas of the combustion chamber that normally would be expelled out the exhaust system.


More Horse Power and Torque


When you need horsepower, your engine must perform at its best! Horsepower can be significantly increased with the Diesel Magnum propane injection system by enhancing and accelerating the combustion process under "full load". When the typical Diesel Engine is under "full load" (max acceleration) the fuel system can only inject a given amount of fuel determined by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Other products on the market like programmers; chips... will trick the factory system into injecting more amounts of fuel than normal. With a Diesel engine do to the fact of unrestricted intake air flow (no throttle plates) more fuel means more horsepower and torque. Adding more than the recommended amount of Diesel Fuel will increase power however there are drawbacks to this. An overly rich air fuel mixture will increase combustion and exhaust gas temperatures, which are a Diesel Engines biggest enemy. Aluminum components will melt down at 1400 degrees F resulting in a severely damaged engine. An overly rich air fuel mixture will also increase emissions substantially and increase harmful combustion deposits and engine oil contamination resulting in premature engine failure. By introducing the proper amount of LPG (Propane) to the combustion chamber under full load more of the existing Diesel fuel injected is burned safely resulting in dramatic increases in horsepower and torque with out risk to the engine!



How It Works


Propane (LPG) is introduced to a Turbo Charged Diesel Engine in the fresh air charge prior to the turbo charger inlet via the Diesel Magnum's Venturi Adapter acting as an accelerant, promoting a more even burn of the Diesel Fuel. This evening effect provides more complete combustion of the Diesel Fuel injected resulting in more power, better fuel efficiency and less emissions.

Propane (LPG) by itself will NOT self ignite in a compression ignition Diesel Engine. On a typical power stroke of a Diesel Engine with supplemental Propane (LPG) added to the fresh air charge, Diesel Fuel is injected initiating combustion, which then in turn ignites the Propane Air mixture in the chamber. The result is rather than a violent rapid explosion in a concentrated area where the fuel is injected; a more even smooth burn takes place in the entire chamber further down the power stroke utilizing more of the existing Diesel Fuel Charge.


Reduced Engine Servicing and Increased Engine Life


Heat and friction rob life from an engine and increases the frequency of engine repair and maintenance. Inefficient fuel burning causes deposits and contaminates to form inside your engine's combustion chamber. These deposits and contaminates eventually lead to engine maintenance problems and contamination of lubricants such as your engines oil. Dilution and contamination of oil decreases your oils efficiency, therefore increasing heat and friction making a problem even worse.

Engine life can be increased with the Diesel Magnum propane injection system by decreasing engine oil dilution and contamination, decreasing harmful combustion chamber deposits and reducing harmful combustion chamber temperatures all by enhancing and accelerating the burn with the proper amount of LPG (Propane) injected.

We stress, "the proper amount of LPG injected" because this too is critical to your engine. Too much LPG (Propane) under load could cause high combustion chamber temperatures and detonation resulting in engine damage. This is why we believe the Diesel Magnum to be the absolute safest product of it's kind on the market today. It is a stand alone system with it's own programmable (by dealers only) microprocessor that is in complete control of the system monitoring critical exhaust gas temperatures, LPG pressure, oil pressure and every component of the Diesel Magnum itself. If a failure of any of the monitored components or systems of your engine or the Diesel Magnum should occur the system will automatically shut down and illuminate the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) on the switch letting the driver or operator know that there is a problem and the unit is shut down. Now that is piece of mind!


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